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About Us

Buckeye Cleaning Cleaning is a family-operated company owned byDaniel and Katty Garcia of Columbus. We offer emergency service, and guarantee your satisfaction.

We will treat your home or office as if it were our own.


Honesty – We take the appropriate steps to make sure we hire honest individuals that you can trust in your home or office.

Consistency – We train our teams to perform the same high quality cleaning each and every time they enter your home. We want to create a long term relationship where we can clean your home consistently for years to come.

Reliability – You can depend on your cleaning team to be at your home or office on your scheduled cleaning date. If you need to change your cleaning date for any reason please contact us.

Communication – Each home is different and needs individual attention to be properly cleaned. We make it as easy as possible for you to reach us if you should have a question or concern about how your home or office is being cleaned. We can be reached by phone, fax, or the Internet!

Office Cleaning

Your workplace is your Mecca where you ideate, dream and prosper. To get the best out of you and your team a clean and hygienic environment is important. It is only in clean environs that good ideas and prosperity dwells. Thus office cleaning becomes mandatory.

Some of the worst germs dwell in office corners, sofas and laptop keyboards. Thus is it very important that proper office cleaning is done that maintains the hygiene of your work place. With professional office cleaning, you can ensure sanitized surrounding leading to high productivity.

Benefits of Office Cleaning regularly

To strike the biggest financial deals, you need a clean environment where harmony finds place. Dust and mite in the office can be a huge spoiler. Some of the primary benefits of office cleaning regularly are-

Removal of dirt and mite is very important for health of the employees. Clean work spaces are motivating for the workers to work in. Steer clear of infections caused by cockroaches, rodents, birdsetc which tend to make homes in unused office areas.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning can have a lot of definitions, but the main goal of green cleaning is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy. Green cleaning can fall under the umbrella of using a green cleaning product or cleaning your home in a way that, for example, reduces waste.

What is Green Cleaning?

For some homes, green cleaning means that they only use substances like baking soda, vinegar and lemons to clean the home surfaces.

Those are natural green cleaners. Some households may seek out manufactured green cleaning products that are healthy for the environment (some are green brands). When you use a green cleaning product, you may want to avoid phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors. Many cleaners on the market now are also marketed as being biodegradable. Other cleaners have ingredients that are grown organically or produced using sustainable farming practices. Some green cleaning products may certify that their items are fair trade, meaning that the product meets certain environmental and labor standards by those who produced it. Green cleaning products may not be free of additives or harmful chemicals–perhaps they use recycled packaging or donate a portion of their profits to environmental causes. Those are all examples of green cleaning products.

Home Cleaning

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Our Vision

Buckeyestatecleaning provides a solution to problems some customers didn’t know they had simply by providing quality residential, commercial, and carpet cleaning services. From the initial estimate to your first time cleaning, our skilled crews scour your entire home or office to make it sparkle. We also send a manager out to your first time cleaning to answer any questions, or address any concerns, or requests. You can be there during your cleaning, or not. It’s your choice.

About Us

Buckeye Cleaning Cleaning is a family-operated company owned by Daniel Garcia of Columbus.
We offer emergency service, and guarantee your satisfaction.

We will treat your home or office as if it were our own.