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Deep Cleaning

We love deep cleaning. One way we help to make deep cleaning easier is to have a list of what you need to do. Many people go into deep cleaning with a vague idea of what needs to be done, but don’t make a list because they know the number of items on the list would be daunting. However, if you remember that most of the items on a deep house cleaning checklist are quick and easy, then you’ll find making the list a little easier.

Move-in Move-out

When you’re moving out of your old house and into a new home, the last thing on your mind is cleaning and tidying the place up. With the help of T&M Cleaning, however, you can settle into your new home without the hassle of cleaning it from top to bottom! Make the moving process a little easier on yourself with our home cleaning services for moving in or out of houses, condos, apartments, newly built homes, and foreclosures.

Apartment Cleaning

A complex cleaning of the house, as a rule, includes cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, windows, sills, lavatories, bathrooms, kitchens, upper circles from dirt and dust. Cleaning is done with application of special certified detergents.

Particular attention should be paid to cleaning of the kitchen, because quite a lot of grease and dust on its walls and ceiling is accumulated during food preparation.The gratings ventilation, radiators, tile, lighting fixtures are also cleaned.

After Construction or After Remodeling Cleaning

The dust and debris left inside a building following a construction/remodeling job is plentiful and can seriously compromise air quality. Dust from drywall projects and other construction debris will continue to settle in the area for a short time. This matter contains potentially harmful allergens and toxins.  It is important that you hire a professional who has been trained to provide the appropriate care and has access to the proper chemicals and equipment to address these issues.

Condo Cleaning

Condo cleaning services are also available on a weekly biweekly and monthly or special circumstance contract basis. Yearly basis is are not available for the service. The first appointment will be a deep cleaning to ensure the apartment or condo is completely clean and clear of all debris that may have built up on the floor, counters, appliances, or any other surface.